Review on Chemical Bath Deposited Nanostructured Thin Films in the Presence of Complexing Agent | Chapter 03 | Theory and Applications of Chemistry Vol. 1

There  are  many  nanostructured  thin  films  (such  as  binary  and  ternary  compounds)  have  been prepared using simple chemical bath deposition technique. These films were deposited onto various substrates under different experimental conditions. During the deposition process, complexing agent will be added to improve quality of films. In this work, an analysis was carried out to investigate the growth of films in the presence of complexing agent. Researchers conclude that complexing agent controls  cation  ions  during  the  deposition  process.  Aa  a  result,  can  produce  uniform  surface  and control deposition rate as well.

Author(s) Details

Prof Dr. Ho Soon Min

Centre for Green Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, INTI International University, Putra Nilai, 71800, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

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