The “Syndrome of Cardiogenic Insulin Resistance” | Chapter 03 | Advances in Applied Science and Technology Vol. 4

Hyperglycemia in patients admitted in intensive care units (ICU) with acute myocardial infarction is a common phenomena observed. This unique situation of cardiogenic insulin resistance does not spare neither diabetics nor non -diabetics. It is in addition to the inherent insulin resistance that is a part of diabetes mellatus, type 2 (DM2). It is brought about by various cytokines released from the damaged heart muscle. This cardiogenic insulin resistance has cardiac as well as systemic effects. The grave and  independent  risk  role  in  post  myocardial  infarction  (MI)  and  the  complications,  of  the  cardiac insulin resistance are highlighted. The concerted action of cardiologist and endocrinologist while in hospital is called for, so as to cover the grey areas between the two specialties, which otherwise falls into no man’s island. The systemic insulin resistance, once the patient is back in home setting, would test  the  patience  of the  physician,  as  usual doses  of  insulin  just  do  not  work!  The article  aims  at creating awareness regarding concerted effects of all concerned to deliver holistic treatment to the patients.

Author(s) Details

A. S. V. Prasad

Department of Internal Medicine, G.I.T.A.M Dental College, Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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