It is Time that Health Authorities Promote the Use of the Ozone as a Biological Modulator in the Treatment of the Chronic Oxidative Stress Diseases | Chapter 01 | Current Trends in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 4

Ozone is a very reactive gas and is toxic for the respiratory system but, under precise rules, it can be therapeutically useful  for  human  disease  with  a  chronic  oxidative  stress.  Ozone  is  an  extremely versatile  drug  and  the  therapeutic  range  has  been  precisely  defined  to  exclude  acute  and  chronic toxicity.  It  is  remarkable  that  the  majority  of  patients  report  a  feeling  of  wellness  using  prolonged ozone therapy. Particularly in chronic skin infections and ulcers, which affect millions of patients, the use of parenteral and topical ozone applications is far more effective than conventional medications for enhancing healing, simply because ozone disinfects, oxygenates and stimulates cell proliferation. The critical point remains an exhaustive clinical evaluation of ozone therapy in the outlined diseases. Orthodox  medicine  remains  skeptical  because  multi-center  and  extensive  clinical  trials  are  not  yet available  owing  to  the  lack  of  sponsors.  An  unfavorable  combination  of  factors  such  as  a  wrong dogma, the fact that ozone is one of the worst troposphere pollutants and past misuse of ozone have led to a poor consideration of ozone therapy. However, basic and clinical work, developed during the last  two  decades, clarified  both  the  biochemical  and  molecular  mechanisms  of  action  of  ozone  in biology and medicine. A judicious dose of ozone dissolved in blood immediately triggers a cascade of well  defined  chemical  compounds  acting  on  multiple  cellular  targets  according  to  well-known biochemical and molecular pathways. Ozone therapy is proving to be very useful in the dry form of age-related  macular  degeneration  (AMD),  cardiovascular  diseases,  chronic  obstructive  pulmonary disease  (COPD),  cerebral  diseases  and  healing  disorders,  where  conventional  medicine  appears insufficient  and  too  expensive.  It  is  time  that  World  Health  Authorities  abandon  prejudice  and skepticism and start to take advantage of an integrative medical application able to help the majority of world population. Among complementary medical approaches, ozone therapy is known all over the world  but  it  is  not  yet  practiced  correctly  everywhere  because  of  the  incomplete  knowledge  by improvised ozone therapists. However, on the basis of basic and small clinical studies performed in the last two decades, it has become clear that ozone, in very small dosages, behaves as a real drug and the biochemical and molecular mechanism of action are well within orthodox medicine. Ethical Committees  are sometimes reluctant  to  give  permission  for  clinical  trials  because  they  prefer pharmaceuticals  able  to  pay  huge  sums  for  insurance  and  all  clinical  tests. The  few  and  small National  Associations  of  ozone  therapy,  in  comparison  to  the  Pharmaceutical  Industries,  which register an annual business of many billion dollars, have no financial power and are unable to support expensive clinical studies.

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Dr. Emma Borrelli

Department of Medical Biotechnologies, University of Siena, Italy.

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