Predicting Contrast-Associated AKI for Intravenous Contrast Exposure and Non-coronary Angiography Procedures: A Review of the Literature | Chapter 04 | Current Trends in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 3

Introduction: Although cases of contrast associated AKI (CA-AKI) have been reported over the years and  several  studies  exist  on  the  subject,  there  has  been  little  success  in  terms  of  developing  a generally acceptable prediction model for this preventable disease. Majority of work done has been on patients under going coronary angiography and are not generalisable due to heterogeneity of patients and procedure related factors.

The aim of this chapter is to review the epidemiology and prediction models of CA-AKI in patients receiving intravenous contrast for non-coronary angiography procedures.

Conclusion: Although  non-coronary  procedures  are  more  routinely  performed  in  most  institutions, very few prediction models exist for patients undergoing these procedures and this limits preventive efforts. Clearly,  prediction  models  developed  for  PCI  should  not  be  adopted  for  non-coronary angiography procedures.

Author(s) Details

Dr Ogochukwu Okoye

Nephrology Unit, Department of Medicine, Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara, Delta state, Nigeria.

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