Soil Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium Status: Concern for Rice Production in Bangladesh under Unfavorable Ecosystems | Chapter 04 | New Perspectives in International Plant and Soil Research Vol. 1

Unfavorable ecosystems in Bangladesh are under intense pressure of crop production and climate change impact; although the relationships of indigenous soil nutrients ratios with crop performance are yet to be fully explored. Experiments were conducted under submergence and cold prone areas (agricultural ecological zone, AEZ-3), drought and cold prone areas (AEZ-26), non-saline tidal flood ecosystem (AEZ-13), char and saline prone ecosystem (AEZ-18) and haor ecosystem (AEZ-21) for evaluating rice grain yield with native nutrients ratios. Synergistic and antagonistic relationships were observed in different AEZ depending on indigenous nutrient ratios. The K:Ca and K:Mg ratios were playing significant negative role in AEZ-18 for wet season rice yield; but K:Ca played synergistic role in AEZ-3 and AEZ-26. In dry season, K:Ca ratio was acting antagonistically in AEZ-3 and AEZ-13 and K:Mg in AEZ-13. The ratio of K to Ca was acted positively for dry season Boro rice production in AEZ-18 and AEZ-26. Similarly, K:Mg ratio was playing synergistic role for Boro rice yield in AEZ-3, AEZ-18 and AEZ-26. Application of fertilizers improved dry season rice yield significantly in all AEZ except AEZ-18 compared to indigenous soil fertility. It is concluded that indigenous soil nutrient ratios play a vital role in improving rice yield under unfavorable ecosystems in which more K fertilizer need to be applied for satisfactory rice yield in dry season.

Author(s) Details

Md. Mozammel Haque
Soil Science division, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur-1701, Bangladesh.

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