View on Human from Perspective of Information Age Organizations: Necessity of Trained and Developed Human Resource for Sustainability and Competition | Chapter 07 | Current Research in Education and Social Studies Vol. 1

As the information age has changed everything in the world, it has also changed organizations in terms of structures, working methods, competitive methods, technologies and strategies. In fact, this is a magical transformation for organizations. The human element of organizations has sometimes been the planner, sometimes the implementer, and sometimes the victim of this change and transformation. In the transformation of information age organizations and in the sustainable competition of the new age, whatever the role, human has continued to be an indispensable organizational resource as before. The only difference according to the human profile of the past period is that it has the characteristics that can fulfill the requirements of the information age and sustain continuous change. This study focuses on the perspective of information age organizations on human. In addition, it tries to discover what features human resources organizations need nowadays. In determining these characteristics, the employee characteristics stated in the job advertisements of hundreds of companies that exhibit information age characteristics were taken into consideration. Organizations that want to survive in the information age have to selection, evaluation, promote, train and improve their human resources from this perspective. Today, it is an important fact that organizations should have employees who can adapt to their transformed structures, working methods, competitive methods, technologies and strategies. It should not be forgotten that human resource is the only creator and applier of knowledge and is the most valuable resource of information age organizations.

Author(s) Details

Metin Atak

National Defense University-Air Vocational School, 35410, İzmir, Turkey.

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