Realization and Implementation of Polynomial Chaotic Sun System | Chapter 09 | Theory and Applications of Physical Science Vol. 1

Deterministic chaos can exhibit robust dynamic behaviors such as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. The behaviors have warranted diverse engineering uses, which usually entail electronic hardware implementation. In this study, the circuit realization and its corresponding implementation by means of analog electronic components are presented for the polynomial chaotic Sun system. The system has twelve terms, twelve parameters and six nonlinear terms. A procedure is detailed for converting the chaotic parameters into corresponding electronic parameters such as the circuital resistances. Circuit realization of the system is simulated by PSPice-A/D. Next, the circuit is implemented by means of analog electronic components such as operational amplifiers and multipliers. Signals from electronic experiments are compared with numerical simulations.

Author(s) Details

Christian Nwachioma
CIDETEC, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, UPALM, Mexico City, 07700, Mexico.

J. Humberto Perez-Cruz
ESIME-Azcapotzalco, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico City 02250, Mexico.

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