Role of Rose Bengal-Mannitol System for Generation of Electrical Energy in Photo Galvanic Cell | Chapter 04 | Theory and Applications of Physical Science Vol. 2

Rose Bengal is used as a photo sensitizer in photo galvanic cell for solar energy conversion and Mannitol is used as an electron donor in this study. The effects of various parameters like pH, light intensity, diffusion length, reductant concentration and dye concentration on the electrical output of the cell is studied. The photo potential and photocurrent generated by this cell are 850 mV and 135 μA, respectively. The current voltage (i–V) characteristic of the cell is also studied and a mechanism for the generation of photocurrent is proposed.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Mahesh Chandra
Department of Chemistry, Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi, New Dehli-110019, India.

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