Magic Polygons and Degenerated Magic Polygons: Characterization and Properties | Chapter 01 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 1

In this work we define Magic Polygons P(n; k) and Degenerated Magic Polygons D(n; k) and we obtain their main properties, such as the magic sum and the value corresponding to the root vertex. The existence of magic polygons P(n; k) and degenerated magic polygons D(n; k) are discussed for certain values of n and k:

Author(s) Details

Danniel Dias Augusto
Coordenacao da Matematica, Universidade Estadual do Goias, Unidade Universitaria de Formosa, 73807-250, Formosa – GO, Brazil.

Josimar da Silva Rocha
Departamento de Matematica, Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Campus Cornelio Procopio, 86300-000, Cornelio Procopio – PR, Brazil.

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