Students’ Evaluation on the Effects of Electronic Peer Responses in Writing | Chapter 06 | Current Research in Education and Social Studies Vol. 3

The paper, part of a bigger project, is to investigate how the students, in a student-centered pedagogical focus, perceive their own learning progress in e-peer feedback activities, including the effectiveness of the use of blogs for e-peer responses in an L2 writing class. Thirty-two 2nd year Vietnamese students at a university in Ho Chi Minh City participated in a 15-week writing course. Data collection was from in-depth interviews, semi-structured interviews and end-of-course questionnaires. Results of the study revealed that when students themselves assessed their own writing its quality improved in both global and local areas; moreover, their writing was lengthier after revisions. In addition, the students highly evaluated the use of blogs for e-peer responses because of its usefulness and effectiveness for their writing improvement. The study will be helpful for instructors who would like to apply a popular online medium for their writing courses.

Author(s) Details

Pham Vu Phi Ho
Baria Vungtau University, Vung Tau City, Vietnam.

Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Vy
Faculty of Foreign Languages, Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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