Crosstalk between Mitochondria and Myofibrils in Adult and Aging Striated Muscle Tissue: Effect of Increased Functional Activity | Chapter 07 | Modern Advances in Pharmaceutical Research Vol. 3

There has been much debate about changes of oxidative capacity in aging skeletal and heart muscle, and endurance capacity. Physiological changes during aging are associated with a decline in muscle mass, strength and endurance capacity. These changes in muscle structure and function are leading to disability in the aging population. The purpose of the present review is to discuss about decrease of oxidative capacity in adult and aging striated muscle tissue, changes in interaction between mitochondria and myofibrils and loss in life quality; describe the effect of increased functional activity (endurance exercise) on the oxidative metabolism. Decrease of endurance capacity (ability to keeo moving for longer time) during aging is related with reduced oxidative capacity of skeletal muscle due to decrease of mitochondrial biogenesis. Striated muscle cells with high oxidative capacity during endurance exercise hypertrophy. Muscle fibres with lower and low oxidative capacity do not hypertrophy during endurance type of exercise. Skeletal muscle respond to endurance exercise training by increasing the fibre composition towards increase of fibres with higher oxidative capacity at the expense of proportion of fibres with low oxidative capacity. Decease of oxidative capacity in muscle tissue lead to the decrease of muscle quality, cause disability and loss in life quality of aging population. Endurance exercise training is the effective way to increase the oxidative and endurance capacity.

Author(s) Details

Teet Seene
Institute of Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy, University of Tartu, Ravila 14a, 50411 Tartu, Estonia.

Priit Kaasik
Institute of Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy, University of Tartu, Ravila 14a, 50411 Tartu, Estonia.

Enn Seppet
Institute of General and Molecular Pathology, University of Tartu, Ravila 19, 50411 Tartu, Estonia.

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