Consumers Involvements with Social Media in Saudi Arabia: A Marketing Perspective | Chapter 15 | Current Perspective to Economics and Management Vol. 4

Social network channels have sparked millions of users in almost to our society. Furthermore, these new tools of connection obtain users’ trust by interacting with them at a more profound level, as regional and worldwide marketing organizations have realized social networking as an underlying buying platform and have used this reform to encourage advertisement campaigns and marketing approaches by social networks channels. A company cannot stand in the market with the lack of social media channel now. Notwithstanding the increase of social networks and the widespread diffusion of different information means, limited studies have been done concerning the marketing perspectives of these channels of communication in the Arab region. The motive for this study is to examine the tool of these media and determinants that affect the purchasing behavior of the Saudi consumer. To study a sample of 226 respondents via. Google forms and monkey survey (online) using a close-ended questionnaire with the care of reducing non-response error was addressed in the research. For analysis descriptive (frequency distribution statistics), with the Chi-square goodness of fitness test at P. Value 0.05 (for hypothesis test) was applied and the outcomes were explained respectively in the research. In the result analysis, it is discovered that there is variance among the respondents in time duration spent on social media and purchasing preferences within the social media platform as well as a result shows that there is a remarkable difference in preferences in the use of social networking sites among the respondents.

Author(s) Details

Mohammad Zulfeequar Alam
Department of Marketing, College of Business Administration (CBA), University of Business and Technology (UBT), P.O.Box 110200, Jeddah 21361, Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

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