Development of Load Torque Estimation and Passivity Based Control for DC Motor Drive Systems with Reduced Sensor Count | Chapter 01 | Emerging Issues in Science and Technology Vol. 3

In this proposed work, Passivity Based Control (PBC) is selected for performing trajectory tracking control of DC motor. In PBC, Exact Tracking Error Dynamics Passive Output Feedback (ETEDPOF) method is preferred for buck converter-fed DC motor drive system. Under load conditions, load torque estimation is required to implement ETEDPOF. Also, load torque estimation is completed without using torque and speed sensor which reduces space and cost of the system. In load torque estimation, sensorless load torque estimation using online algebraic approach for buck converter with DC Motor as load is designed and developed. Further, the performance of Sensorless online Algebraic Approach (SAA) is compared with Sensorless Reduced Order Observer (SROO). Results are presented to validate the features of proposed schemes.

Author(s) Details

Dr. S. Ganesh Kumar
DEEE, Anna University, Chennai, India.

Dr. S. Hosimin Thilagar
DEEE, Anna University, Chennai, India.

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