Harnessing of Proteomic and Molecular Analysis of Bali Cattle Saliva: Another Side to Study the Potential of Bali Cattle (Bos javanicus) as a Native Indonesian Cattle | Chapter 2 | Current Strategies in Biotechnology and Bioresource Technology Vol. 1

Bali cattle are native to Indonesia, with some superior properties such as high fertility, remarkable resistance to heat stress as well as to most diseases that lead Bali cattle are suitable for tropical regions such as Indonesia and may be for other tropical countries as well. Up to now studies have been focused on their main purpose as small beef cattle, in fact Bali cattle saliva has also shown potential as a source of biological material. This book chapter discusses the studies that have been carried out in the last five years regarding saliva of Bali cattle from proteomic and molecular aspects. From this discussion it is hoped that further thoughts will be born to explore the Bali cattle from other aspects. Hopefully the information is also useful to explore the benefits of saliva in other native animals besides Bali cattle. 

Author(s) Details

Sulaiman N. Depamede
Laboratory of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Animal Sciences, University of Mataram, Jalan Majapahit No. 62, Mataram 83125, Indonesia.

Djoko Kisworo
Laboratory of Animal Product Processing Technology, Faculty of Animal Science, University of Mataram, Jalan Majapahit No. 62, Mataram 83125, Indonesia.

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