Influence of Different Factors on the Process of Biological Decontamination of Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide: Detailed Research | Chapter 12 | Theory and Applications of Microbiology and Biotechnology Vol. 3

This article describes the use strains thiobacteria Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans Achi1, Achi3 for decontamination pyrophoric deposits, which are a source of fires in refineries. It is found that the inhibitory factor is the intensity of insolation and organic impurities, and optima conditions for decontamination of hazardous waste are the temperature of 30 ± 35°C, the use of hydrocarbonoxidizing microorganisms and pH 2.0-2.5. 

Author(s) Details

Akmaral Issayeva
Institute of Ecology and Biology, Shymkent University, Kazakhstan.

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