Financial Analysis as a Consideration for Stock Exchange Investment Decisions in Tanzania: Recent Trends | Chapter 10 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol. 4

Stock exchange investment in Tanzania is growing fast, and many people of different varieties of income are participating in the purchase of shares commonly known as stock exchange. However, there is seemingly little concern on the use of financial analysis on the part of local individual investors when purchasing the shares. Hence, this chapter presents the findings of the study on financial analysis as a consideration for stock exchange investment decision making in Tanzania. The study was originally conducted for four months from July to October 2006. Perhaps it is true that knowledge is vital in all essence, hence we have amalgamated some resent knowledges to make our book more current and understandable. As it is indicated that this chapter is a study which incorporates six brokers, indeed yes but the current situation has seen an increase of brokers to 13. In that regard, we have talked to them in order to amplify this study, and all have cemented the earlier study, and had few new comments. It adopted a survey study incorporating all thirteen registered brokers in Tanzania located in Dar es Salaam. First, the introduction was given, which provided the essentials and the need for financial statements analysis as far as decisions regarding investment is concerned, after which the literature review was done. This was followed by a presentation of the role of Dares salaam stock exchange. Subsequently, the methodology of the study was given, followed by data analysis and discussion of findings. Finally, conclusions and recommendations were given. The chapter concludes that most of investors in Tanzania do not depend on the financial statements analysis of the firms when investing mainly because most of these investors have not acquired knowledge on the importance of financial statements in making decisions regarding the investment. However, big investors such as financial institutions and firms do consider financial statement analysis when investing. This calls for the people and education institution to verge the training of the students on how it is worthy understanding the use of financial information. This should e done through education provided by the people who work with Dar es salaam Stock Exchange and the affiliated institutions. Colleges must understand that purchasing of stocks and affiliated ventures are worthy and should not be considered as a mere business, it is a real business.

Author (s) Details

Norman A. S King
Department of Business Management, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Iringa, Tanzania.

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