Super-Food Black Garlic – Breath of Birth | Chapter 8 | Current Strategies in Biotechnology and Bioresource Technology Vol. 1

When making black garlic, lots of pungent gas was released from fresh garlic during processing of fresh garlic but no chemical constituents of gas was reported until now. Gas Chromatography was applied to clarify compounds included to keep health condition of workers. Three major constituents such as ammonia (17%), sulfide group (17%) and aldehyde group (66%) were identified in pungent gas. Bioactivity of garlic derived gas (volatile) was conducted against bacteria P. aerugionosa, B. natto, enterohemorrhgagic E. coli O157, MRSA and C. albicans. Antibacteria activity of garlic was the strongest to compared with reference samples of garlic, onion, horse radish, dokudami (Houttuyhia cordata), rubbed sage, whole clove and cinnamon by the petri dish cultivation method. Bacteria killing mechanisms of Thujopsis dolabrata (Hiba tree) oil and formalin chemical presented different appearance by scanning electron microscopic analysis, suggesting that bacteria killing actions are various depending on types of gas (volatile). 

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Jin-ichi Sasaki
Hirosaki University of Health and Welfare, Junior College, 2-5 Ogimachi Hirosaki 036-8104, Japan.

Hamasuke Hamano
Genki Co., Ltd., 2-1 Kihoku-Cho Kitamura-Gun Mie 519-3402, Japan.
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