Comprehensive Indexing and Relaxed Querying of Compressed XML Data (CIRCX) | Chapter 03 | Emerging Issues in Science and Technology Vol. 3

Extensible Markup Language stays at the top as a basic and an efficient way of content processing over internet. Being extensible, it give rise to innovative tag definitions unlike its counterparts with a pre-defined set of keywords. For storing such a customizable language in compressed form, compact storage structures like RFX, QUICX were proposed. As an extension, perspective shifted towards an efficient and optimized way of retrieving data from the same. CIRCX, (Comprehensive Indexing and relaxed querying of Compressed XML Data) propose an indexing approach which may be applied on wide array of datasets. The core functionality of this technique lies in removing the redundant data from the stored format. The duplicates are removed and are represented in such a way that space required for storage decreases further. Various elements of an XML document such as node and attribute are indexed so that the indexed file is used as reference from then on for query processing and not the original file. CIRCX thus, provides a comprehensive method to index compact storage structures. Thinking out-of-the-box, this work explores the area of approximate answering for Xpath queries where data is retrieved from compact storage structures and not the original XML document. The latter part i.e. data retrieval is performed by specialised query processing algorithms involving the QUICX storage structure. A significant rise in compression ratio is observed while using the CIRCX approach. Approximate answering provides prospect for developing efficient search engines in future.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Radha Senthilkumar
Department of Information Technology, MIT, Anna University, Chennai, India.

Dr. Gomathi Nandagopal
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vel Tech University, Avadi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600062, India.

Ms. S. G. Radhika
Department of Information Technology, MIT, Anna University, Chennai, India.

Ms. V. Renuka
Department of Information Technology, MIT, Anna University, Chennai, India.

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