Quality Attributes of Family Planning Programme towards a Successful Family Life | Chapter 06 | Perspectives of Arts and Social Studies Vol. 2

This paper discusses quality attributes of the family planning programme towards a successful family life. It highlights the barriers preventing most families from utilizing family planning facilities in Nigeria. The article went further to explore the quality attributes associated to family planning. The characteristics of a quality family planning programme were discussed and attributes of a well planned family life x-rayed. The quality family life and national development were examined and suggestions were proffered for achieving a good family planning program in any community in Nigeria. Family planning programme is a lifesaving scheme to families and investing in it is a necessity in today’s world. The continuous increase in the Nigerian population has aggravated the level of poverty among the populace. This is most devastating to families, preventing them from living a qualitative family life. This phenomenon is a drain to the nation’s human resources in national development. The various hindrances to family planning can be addressed to give chance to quality family planning programme in Nigeria towards a successful family life of its criticism.

Author(s) Details

Dr (Mrs) Bridget Esele Uwameiye
Department of Vocational and Technical Education, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria.

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