The Innovation as Point of Growth of SME’S (Cross Cultural CHINA and MEXICO) | Chapter 07 | Emerging Issues and Development in Economics and Trade Vol. 2

Based on the importance of the SME’s at Mundial level, and due to the high mortality rate of the SME’s in China and Mexico, in the present paper is made an articles compilation referred to Innovation strategies for SME’s develop and growth in China and Mexico, with the purpose to analyze and compare them in order to identify the problems that Mexican and Chinese SME’s have, for to detect the similarities and differences and  identify the strategies managed in both countries; the analysis show some Innovation strategies used in China and not in Mexico and vice versa, information that could be useful for to complement the management approach of the SME’s in China and Mexico for to develop and make growth the SME’s.

Author(s) Details

Jesús Salvador Vivanco Florido
University of Aguascalientes Mexico, Mexico.

David Cabral Olmos
University of Aguascalientes Mexico, Mexico.

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