General Relativity Theory Violates the Energy Conservation Law, which is the Fundamental Law of Physics Including the Curved Space-Time Metric | Chapter 10 | Theory and Applications of Physical Science Vol. 2

The violation of energy conservation law is a death sentence for the General Relativity Theory (GRT). This paper investigates the correctness of the General Relativity Theory by studying the energy conservation during the relativistic free fall of a small test body in a uniform gravitational field. The paper compares predictions of energy conservation obtained from the GRT and from the Metric Theory of Gravity (MTG). It is found that the gravitational mass dependence on velocity in the GRT is not correct, because this dependency leads to a prediction of violation of energy conservation while the MTG having a different gravitational mass dependency on velocity predicts correctly the energy conservation.

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Jaroslav Hynecek
Isetex, Inc., 905 Pampa Drive, Allen, TX 75013, USA.

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