Detailed Study on Translation: Students to Translate Environmental Expressions at Jadara University in Jordan | Chapter 7 | Current Research in Education and Social Studies Vol. 4

This paper has coped with Environmental Sentences and Expressions (ESE). It aims at investigating the ability of translation students in translating the ESE at Jadara University in Jordan. Based on a practical study, a sample of 20 translation students was chosen randomly from the English Department, nine of them are urban, while eleven students are rural. For achieving the purpose of this paper and to collect data, a test of 25 environmental items was set up; the validity and the reliability were verified by a panel of judges at Jadara and Yarmouk Universities. Quantitatively, the researcher used SPSS to analyze data. Frequencies and percentages as a statistic method used to examine students’ ability in translating environmental terms and expressions. To know the differences between urban and rural students, T-test was used as another statistic method. The results of the study showed a poor level in translating environmental expressions. The results also revealed no significant differences between urban and rural students. In light of the study’s findings, it was recommended for issuing environmental course as an elective course for English students, and as a compulsory for translation students. Finally, some suggestions for further researches were written.

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Mohammad Alshehab
Jadara University, Jordan.

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