Prodrugs Designed by DFT and Molecular Mechanics Methods | Chapter 05 | Modern Advances in Pharmaceutical Research Vol. 2

The accumulation of knowledge on intramolecular processes, enzymes and transporters along with the vast progress in molecular revolution have accelerated the search for prodrugs having the capability to replace their corresponding current marketed drugs and to provide therapeutics with better pharmacological profiles. Utilizing the different available computational methods has led to the design and synthesis of a variety of prodrugs to replace their corresponding parent drugs.

It has been proven that prodrugs can significantly improve the life quality of patients.

The directed enzyme prodrug therapy (DEPT) approach to employ the design of artificial enzymes to activate prodrugs at specific sites along with use of intramolecular processes to design prodrugs are the most attractive strategies to obtain more efficient therapeutics.

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Professor Rafik Karaman
Department  of  Bioorganic  Chemistry,  Faculty  of  Pharmacy,  Al-Quds  University,  P.O.Box  20002,  Jerusalem,  Palestine and Department of Sciences, University of Basilicata, Via dell’ateneo Lucano 10, 85100, Potenza, Italy.

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