Some Issues of Using the Electron-Ion Technology in Food Processing and Agriculture of Russia | Chapter 08 | Research and Development in Agricultural Sciences Vol. 1

Intensification of technological processes, based on the latest achievements world of science and technology in industry, is one of the most pressing problems in many sectors of industry – including agricultural process that use the process of dehydration. World technical progress, on one hand, offers possible ways for this problem to be solved – yet on the other it exacerbates the problem, since numerous negative factors become involved. The issue of environmental security equipment and personnel is of particular importance, as well as environmental control in which electric fields are used as a control method.

Author(s) Details

V. M. Ya. Burlev
JSC “MYKER”, Moscow, Russia.

V. D. Kharitonov
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute, Dairy Industry, Moscow, Russia.

N. S. Nikolaev
Moscow State University of Food Industry, Moscow, Russia.

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