A Study for Identifying the Elements of Gender References, Persuasive Techniques and Social Interaction Associated with Political Discourse: The Case of Hillary Clinton | Chapter 10 | Current Research in Education and Social Studies Vol. 4

Discourse is an important tool discussing social relations in the discursive patterns. A well-designed discourse can easily dominate people and can construct their perceptions. Therefore, discourse is critical in the political world when one uses it to communicate ideas and visions to the people. Therefore, the present study aims to identify the elements of gender references, persuasive techniques and social interactions associated with political discourse of Hillary Clinton. The study has used the framework of conversation analysis for studying a total of three interviews and five debates of Hillary Clinton. The interviews and recording were extracted from YouTube and then transcribed and interpreted by converting them into text. The findings have revealed a significant  use of persuasive techniques and social interaction in Clinton’s political discourse. The results  also imply that using affiliation strategy, candidates can manipulate people. The study concludes that this strategy is more effective in representing oneself as truthful as compared to conventional narratives.

Author(s) Details –

Hanaa Ali AlQahtani
Department of Foreign Languages, Taif University, Taif, Saudi Arabia

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