A Recent Study on Compositional Characteristics of Commercial Roasted Beet Root Chips Snacks | Chapter 03 | Emerging Trends in Engineering Research and Technology Vol. 1

Beta vulgaris L. (beetroot) contains high amounts of active substances. The amounts of various compounds sucrose, glucose, fructose, micronutrients and physical properties were found in roasted beet root chips of two varieties cultivated in Jessore (BRJS) and Kustia (BRKS), Bangladesh. Large differences were found between the varieties for some nutrients (such as sucrose), whereas others showed only minor variation (physical properties and acceptability).

The study aims to estimate the composition characteristic of commercial roasted beet root chips snacks. The total sucrose content was found to range between 73.6 g/kg and 82.6 g/ kg of roasted chips samples. Other detected glucose, which accounted for up to 4.1% to 3.2% and fructose 1.31% to 1.21%. The % CV of sucrose, glucose and fructose were 14.5%, 43.3% and 52.6% respectively. Physicochemical properties of beet root Chips was studied and is shown in Table 4 for accepted sample BRTJS. The average weight of one piece of beetroot chips was 2.22 gm, diameter 5.15 cm, thickness 0.35 cm, height 0.7 cm and bulk density was 0.35 g/cm3. The average apparent moisture diffusivity was calculated as 5.35X10-9m2s-1 with standard deviation 2.43X10-9m2s-1. The highest value of moisture diffusivity recorded as 1.9X10-9 of the MHSDT method and lowest value of 2.25X10-9. Proximate values was 2.2% moisture, 0.7% ash, 17% protein, 1.25% fat, 1.7% crude fiber and 74.02% carbohydrate respectively. Sensory evaluation for acceptances of the sample-RBJS got a highest sensorial score (9.0) for all parameters like the color (9.2), taste (9.25), texture (8.5), after taste (7.0) and overall acceptability (9.0) than other BRKS sample.

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Prof. B. Hossain
Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering, Daffodil International University, Dhaka- 1207, Bangladesh.

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