On the Domination Conditions for Families of Quasinearly Subharmonic Functions | Chapter 09 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

Domar has given a condition that ensures the existence of the largest subharmonic minorant of a given function. Later Rippon pointed out that a modification of Domar’s argument gives in fact a better result. Using our previous, rather general and flexible modifications of Domar’s original argument, we extend their results both to the subharmonic and to the quasinearly subharmonic settings.

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Juhani Riihentaus
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Oulu, P.O. Box 3000, FI-90014 Oulun Yliopisto, Finland and Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Eastern Finland, P.O. Box 111, FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland.

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