Caste System, Dalitization and Its Implications in Contemporary India: Brief Overview | Chapter 2 | Current Research in Education and Social Studies Vol. 4

This paper deals with caste system and its implication in contemporary India. It begins with the origin of caste, religious sanction and justification made by ancient Hindu scriptures. How the role of caste which was originally followed on the basis of function among people turned out to be a discriminating element of “Untouchability”. It highlights various factors influencing the stabilization and destabilization of caste in the lives of people. The only hope of the dehumanized people under caste discrimination rests in the constitution of India. Finally, it takes us to understand the process of Dalitization in India which gives future orientation to Dalit struggles. Certainly, their victory is found on the battle ground than visualizing it in the future. In this process at this juncture the political democracy of India is really at stake.

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Selvin Raj Gnana
Department of Anthropology, School of Social Sciences, University of Madras, India.

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