Statistical Distribution Analysis Implementation Using PROLOG and MATLAB for Wind Energy | Chapter 02 | Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 2

This paper analyses wind speed characteristics and wind power potential of Naganur site using statistical probability parameters. A measured 10-minute time series average wind speed over a period of 4 years (2006- 2009) was obtained from Site. The results of mean wind speed data is the first step of prediction of wind speed data of the site under consideration and a PROLOG program was designed and developed to calculate the Annual mean wind speed data of the site and to assess the wind power potentials, MATLAB programming is used. The Weibull two parameters (k and c) were computed in the analysis of wind speed data. The data used were real time site data and calculated by using the MATLAB programming to determine and generate the Weibull and Rayleigh distribution functions. The monthly values of k range from 2.21 to 8.64 and the values of c ranged from 2.28 to 6.80. The most probable wind speed and corresponding maximum energy are in the range of 2.45 to 6.52 and 3.10 to 6.26 respectively. The Weibull and Rayleigh distributions also revealed estimated wind power densities ranging between 7.30 W/m2 to 116.51 W/m2 and 9.71 W/m2 to 266.00 W/m2 respectively at 10 m height for the location under study. This paper is relevant to a decision-making process on significant investment in a wind power project and use of PROLOG programming to calculate the Annual mean wind speed data of the site.

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Dr. K. Mahesh
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India.

J. Lithesh
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, New Horizon College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India.

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