Air Pollution, Not Greenhouse Gases: The Principal Cause of Global Warming | Chapter 09 | Current Perspectives to Environment and Climate Change Vol. 1

Aim: Gottschalk demonstrated the bump coincident with World War II is a robust feature showing up in eight independent NOAA temperature databases. Without contradicting Gottschalk’s conclusion, I consider the broader activities of WW2, especially the manner of altering Earth’s delicate energy balance by particulate aerosols and then generalise to post-WW2 global warming. The aim is to present evidence that particulate pollution, not greenhouse gases, is the principal cause of global warming.

Methods: Arrange seemingly unrelated observations into a logical sequence in the mind so that causal relationships become evident.

Results: The World War II wartime particulate-pollution, I submit, had the same global-warming consequence as the subsequent ever-increasing global aerosol particulate-pollution from (1) increases in aircraft and vehicular traffic, and the industrialization of China and India with their smokestacks spewing out smoke and coal fly ash and from (2) coal fly ash covertly jet-sprayed into the region where clouds form on a near-daily, near-global basis. Spraying coal fly ash into the atmosphere not only causes global warming by altering Earth’s delicate thermal balance, but it is a major risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and neurodegenerative disease, as well as being involved in the global catastrophic bee and insect die-off and in forest die-offs worldwide, poisoning the biosphere with mercury, and destroying atmospheric ozone that protects us from the sun’s deadly ultraviolet radiation. The continued deliberate pollution of our atmosphere with aerosolised coal fly ash will inevitably cripple our ability to produce food crops and will cause untold death and destruction, for example, by altering Monsoon weather patterns and by exacerbating wildfires.

Conclusion: The main cause of global warming is particulate pollution, not greenhouse gases. Unless atmospheric modification utilising aerosolised coal fly ash is halted, we drive ever-forward toward the first anthropogenic mass extinction of life on Earth.

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J. Marvin Herndon
Transdyne Corporation, 11044 Red Rock Drive, San Diego, CA 92131, USA.

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