Assessment of Population Needs by Normative Method: Romania 1989-2018 | Chapter 06 | Current Research in Education and Social Studies Vol. 2

This article analyzes some concepts to argue why the quality of life in Romania is far from what was desired in the early nineties. Its presents the normative method that helps us to validate the consumption of the population by covering at minimum the essential goods and services necessary for the individual, and his family, at home and in society. Next part presents us a dynamic of social policy measures which fluctuates the main incomes of the population in the 1990-2018 time interval, and their influence on consumption. The last part of the study concludes: what are the needs of the population and to what extent they were satisfied, or not, within the time period studied. During the period of time 1990-2018 the incomes of the various families with children could not keep up with the price increases on the products and services on the market. This has resulted in time deterioration in the quality of life of these families.

Author(s) Details

Adina Mihăilescu
Research Institute for Quality of Life Romanian Academy, Romania.

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