Phenomenon of Bacterial Pathogenicity as a Function of Bo-molecules | Chapter 12 | Recent Advances in Biological Research Vol. 3

The bacterial pathogenicity phenomenon is the poly-functional biological potency of germs that are realized by factors (determinants) of pathogenicity (PF) in multi-cellular organism.  

Biological functions are responsible for bacterial pathogenicity in a multi-cellular host organism: the adhesive function, the function of invasion and penetration into the cell, the function of evasion of host defense, and the damage function. Factors of pathogenicity are representative bio-molecules possessed different functional activity. The ligand – receptor interaction of bacterial PF and receptors on eukaryotic cells is the basis of specific lesions caused by the pathogen.

Author  Details:

Yurii V. Ezepchuk

The Gamaleya Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Moscow, Russia and The University of Colorado, Denver, USA.

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